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A series of seminars by and for junior researchers in ecology and evolution who work with mathematical and computational models.

Hosted: Online

Next meeting: November 5th, 2020

Join MEEM2020 - a series of small, short meetings for researchers working with models in ecology and evolution. We provide a platform for a new generation of researchers to present their work and discuss among each other and with renowned experts in the field. Our goal is to strengthen the ties between the participating modellers across the world and to stimulate discussions.

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We are getting started on the seminar series.

Be patient and keep an eye out: we will update the programme soon.

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Elisa Thébault

The structure and dynamics of mutualistic networks

Institut d'Écologie et des Sciences de l'Environnement, Paris, France

Silvia de Monte

Title to be announced

École Nationale Supérieure, Paris, France
Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology, Plön, Germany

Sébastien Lion

Title to be announced

Centre d'Écologie Fonctionelle et Évolutive, Montpellier, France



Department of Ecology and Evolution
University of Lausanne
1005 Switzerland

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